Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hot rod!

On the weekend Mark and I finally watched "Hot Rod." I'd been given a copy of it a while ago but for one reason and another, we never got around to watching it until Saturday night.

Seriously, I don't know when Mark and I have laughed so much. "Hot Rod" is a documentary which was made by some folks down the road from here, in Lansdowne, Ontario. If you have ever crossed the bridge from the states into Ontario, you've arrived in Lansdowne.

The movie follows an odd group of men who are getting ready for the Demolition Derby at the Lansdowne Fair during the summer of 2003. Folks who think that "trailer park boys" is fiction need to watch this movie. These guys are the real deal, they are a little corse, they like to drink beer and they love to smash stuff up. I went to school with some guys like this. One guy who really stands out in my memory was a chap named Bud Vincent. Bud would take up a collection at lunchtime and when he had enough money, he'd smash his head into a locker.

We enjoyed the movie so much that we may be making a trip to Lansdowne for the fair this year. Maybe we'll even see some of the movie stars at the Derby.

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