Tuesday, April 15, 2008

back at it

Mark and I both went back to work today. It's funny how quickly you can get your routine turned around with an extra day off.

Work was really busy for me today, Mark's day was not so much. As crazy as a busy day can be, I'd rather be busy and have the day fly by than to be waiting around or looking for work. It makes for a really long day.

In today's Sam news, I may not have mentioned this before (or I may have) but Sam loves to chew on serviettes and tissues. He particularly likes snotty tissues which is sort of gross. Anyway, he used to take them out of the garbage can but he doesn't do that anymore. We've pretty much eliminated any easy access for him to these things.

Just a moment ago though, I caught him at a new thing. He had gone into our smaller bathroom (which is near the front of the house) and had been pulling the toilet paper off of the roll to chew on. Fortunately, the roll was almost empty but I have to give him some credit. Sam knows what he likes and he'll find a way to get it no matter what.

On that note, in honour of flea and tick season, here's a little video about bugs. It's an oldish cover of an old favourite tune. enjoy!

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