Thursday, April 03, 2008

two weeks

earth hour 2008
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Sam has now been with us for two weeks. In that time, he's learned a lot of stuff. Some tricks, some commands. He's a smart cookie and it feels like he's always been here. I cannot imagine life without him now.

We are experiencing some growing pains. Sexual frustration is more the issue I think. This week so far, he's shredded newspaper each day (that's okay though, I left it for him to do - he preferred the Rona Flyer over the Futureshop one) and chewed one of my nice pillows on the sofa. He's also started removing the jute from the area rug we have in the living room. Once removed, it shreds really nicely.

Tonight while we were hanging out and playing, he was really try to hump something: my leg, my arm, the sofa. He's not picky, just horny. The sooner we can get to the vet and figure out next steps in terms of him being altered, the better. It's going to be a long week until our appointment.

Once we get to the vet and get his shots updated, we can also sign up for obedience shool. Between that and getting "fixed" training should get much easier. The humping should stop too. I hope so, it's not fun for him or me.

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