Friday, April 11, 2008

mark cooks

mark cooks
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It is Mark's birthday on Monday.

It's his birthday weekend this weekend. A few ago, a gift I'd ordered for him arrived in the post and I let him open it early. He very sweetly didn't start to use it until tonight. I ordered three t-shirts for him, one has the logo and the name "Springfield Isotopes" on it (go 'topes!). The second shirt says, "you lika da juice?" and the third, he's wearing right now (put it on after work - for the birthday weekend) says, "giggity goo."

I think his birthday is off to a good start. He's chilling out in the living room, watching Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues band (on the DVR from the other night - we love cool tv!). It's a 2000 show that was taped at the Montreal Jazz Festival. The sound is amazing and so is Taj.

In addition to the shirts, I picked up a few other odds and ends for Mark on eBay over the past few weeks. He chose to open one of the gifts tonight. The gift he chose was a copy of "American Dad, Season 2" so we'll be watching that tonight and hanging out in our toasty warm house, ignoring the cold wind and rain outside.

At the moment, we're just waiting for some pizza to arrive for dinner, Sam's playing here in my office. I know it's going to be a great weekend cuz it's off to an awesome start.

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