Friday, April 25, 2008

week end yay

I'm very glad to be home. The week was really really busy for me. Good busy, got lots done busy. Many things are off the to-do list busy. Time flew by like an I don't know what busy. Next couple of weeks will be that busy too. It's good though, still in love with the new job which helps.

Yesterday, I went back to the old job to give some training to two folks. It was really weird being back in my old office. I don't think I realized how small the room was, or how crammed in like sardines folks are until I went away and came back. It's hot and noisy and overcrowded and there are many competing perfumes and a giant colour copier. No wonder I had headaches all the time. I really miss the ladies I worked with but I'm not missing the environment. I love having my own office. It's bright and airy and the windows open and it's my space. I mean, I share it with the copier / printer but still, I'm in there working alone.

Before the training session, I had lunch with two friends who still work there. Well, I say lunch but we didn't eat. We sat on a bench outside and gabbed. I got the weirdest sunburn on 1/2 of my face and on part of my neck. Bizarre looking sunburn, really. It's warm and a little sore today. I kept putting lotion on it last night though so it shouldn't peel. It was weird though, I had no idea that the sun was that strong but I guess I should have known.

Anyway, I think that I need to go play with Sam a little bit. Before I go though, I have this question to ask: How come I never ever see folks with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths trying to cram stuff that is in large flat-pack boxes in the parking lot at Costco but I almost always see this same demonstration of stinky-smoky stupidity in the parking lot at Walmart?

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