Saturday, June 23, 2007

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It is a gorgeous day here in the Limestone City.

I awoke early this morning, determined to get up and out early. My goal was to be home from running errands by 9 a.m. While the coffee dripped and Mark still snoozed, I put the chair cushions out on the deck. I stood on the deck, looking over the yard, seeing how big the plants in Mark's vegetable patch are getting, noticing all of the leaves and plant debris that is on the deck from the storm...and oh yeah, the dead squirrel in the pool.

Part of me felt smug about it. We've been battling the little lawn rats all spring. They've torn up our shed and just been a pain in our butts. The other part of me wondered how much extra chlorine we'd need to use in the pool once we fished the squirrel corpse out of the water. A little while later, I was sitting at the kitchen table with Mark, having a cup of coffee and noticed another squirrel up on the edge of the pool, trying to wade in. I hit the door and he scurried off. Honestly, they are not smart creatures. "Hey Chuck, what are you doing in the water?? What!?? C'mon, don't be a jerk, tell me. Don't sulk, it looks like fun, I'm coming in too..." We mused that he must have thought that it if the dead guy was in there, it must be a good spot to hang out in.

While I was out doing errands, Mark was on squirrel removal duty. One of the things I got when I was out was a new pump for the pool. Mark's got it hooked up and we've shocked the pool and I've done some cleaning on it. It'll be good as new in a couple of hours. The pump I got this morning is actually for a larger pool than ours (just one size up) so the water is moving around with a more powerful force.

The clean up took way longer than we expected. Mark's been cleaning fish tanks too and I'm in the middle of doing laundry so I'm not sure if we're going to venture too much further than the back yard today. We'll see.

Hope you're all having a happy, dead-squirrel-free Saturday!

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