Tuesday, June 05, 2007

roger and chocolate

roger and chocolate
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at the moment, we're on a little mini-holiday. yay!

we've both booked the next couple of days off so that we can go to Ottawa and see Roger Waters.

Mark's very excited and I'm curious about the show. I'm not a fan of big, huge, expensive productions. I prefer to see bands in clubs but I'm sure it'll be an experience to remember. My personal philosophy is that the music should be enough, that it shouldn't require all the extra stuff, videos and large screens and the like.

I'm also looking forward to my little break from work. The past couple of days have been really hectic for me, partly because it's just busy right now and partly because I've been trying to clear my desk off before my mini-holiday. Right now, my desk is as clear as it's going to be and I'm looking forward to taking it very easy!

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