Friday, June 29, 2007


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Have you had your fill of fresh local strawberries yet?

Oh my goodness but they're good this year. I think that they are better than last year but it's entirely possible that they were just as good last year. I think you forget actually. Over time, you forget how good they were last year and just focus on the goodness of spring and the juicy berries.

It's an awesome time of the year.

Soon, we'll have fresh local asparagus (if we don't already - I haven't been to the store yet this week). You just have to love this time of the year. We're so lucky that we live in this particular part of the country and that we have access to such delicious produce.

So, I'm officially on vacation. I was scheduled to work this afternoon but took it off. Honestly, I'm feeling rather beaten up and I just wanted to get home as quickly as I could. I've done very little since I've been home, had some lunch, typed a little, that's it.

It feels good, I need a break, I know I do. I fully intend to enjoy doing very little for the remainder of my holiday. Mark will start his in a little while too and I'm pretty sure he plans to do very little as well!

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