Thursday, December 01, 2005

sunny day

sunny day
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It's so sunny right now, it's gorgeous!! It's amazing how a sunny day can just turn your whole attitude around.

Yesterday, the dark and gloom was just getting to me. I let it happen and I shouldn't. The sunshine is always out there somewhere!! Also, I think part of my problem yesterday was sleep deprivation. As I expected, I slept like the dead last night so I'm feeling the benefit of that today.

Of course, with no snow on the ground and lots of sun, it is easier to convince yourself that it's not actually December 1! It looks more like spring out there, it doesn't feel like it but it does look the part.

Anyway, the countdown is on now, two weeks from today, I start my vacation. I'll be off for 2.5 weeks and, while I'm not one of those folks who likes to wish their lives away, I can say that I'm quite looking forward to the break being here.

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