Tuesday, December 27, 2005

new machine

building mum & dad's computer
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On Christmas Day, Mark had to install a couple of software upgrades to my parents' computer. Their machine is one that was cobbled together from parts that my brother had and that we had. They purchased a new monitor and my dad made a really cool desk for it but the machine itself, while functional, was slow.

Dad and mum commented on Christmas day how they had been thinking about an upgrade. As luck would have it, our favourite local computer shop, had a really awesome machine on sale. Mum and dad seemed pretty happy to hear about the deal so Mark picked up the machine today. It's awesome, really fast. Of course, is was just an empty box, no software or anything so Mark's been working on installing an operating system and putting in all of their applications. Once he's done that, all we'll need to do is grab their old machine, pop their current hard drive and DVD-ROM into the new machine and they'll be good to go. All of the installations have gone very very smoothly and I think that they will notice a huge difference between the new computer and their current one.

Isn't it nice when good things happen to good people?

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