Tuesday, December 20, 2005

on the mend

I'm very happy and relieved to report that Mark is feeling much better this afternoon. He took another day off from work, slept in, spent some time on the heating pad and then some more time in the spa tub and I think that those jets of water did his back a world of good. He actually has colour back in his face again and the sparkle has returned to his eyes. He was a sick boy yesterday, it was scary.

Because he's been home the past couple of days, I have not done too much as far as my "Christmas chores" go but that's okay. Tonight, while we watched old episodes of "Huff," I peeled the wrappers off of Hershey hugs and kisses. Tomorrow I'll melt them onto pretzels and voila, holiday pretzel treats!!

I should be able to get started on my baking too. All I really need to get done between now and Saturday night is the baking, finish wrapping gifts and then do some housework. I can't believe how quickly laundry piles up when you're home from work. Also, I've been running the dishwasher every day. Normally, we can go two or three days without turning it on. The good side of that is that we've not eaten in a restaurant in a while so I figure the money we're saving by eating at home is a lots more than the cost of running the dishwasher!! I don't feel like I'm really on vacation yet, I guess I will after Christmas, because I have a whole week off after that to just chill out and putter around the house.

I still feel really spoiled, having all of this time off. At least I feel right now like I'm putting it to good use!

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