Thursday, December 08, 2005

thinking about john

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Every day without John is a little sad. Sure, we have the legacy he left us, his music, his words, his artwork but tears always come to my eyes when I think of what he had left to share with the world, with us, the people who loved him.

Today, it seems unthinkable that 25 years have passed since he was taken from us. I can remember my mum coming into my bedroom to wake me up for school and telling me that someone had shot John Lennon. It seemed like a bad dream. How could anyone have shot John Lennon? He was a Beatle, he was a father, a husband, a peaceful man. What could he have possibily done to make someone want to hurt him in this way?

It's easy to get bogged down in how his life ended, to concentrate on the violent, insane person who did this. It's much harder to look past the hurt and celebrate his life on days like this. Some nice folks have a petition up on their website. They are trying to have October 9, John's birthday, made into an international holiday. If you, like me, are having a tough time today, you may want to wander over there and sign your name, it might even make you feel a little better.

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