Tuesday, December 27, 2005

boxing day wrap-up

yummy snacks
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We had a really nice Boxing Day.

Every year, my aunt and uncle have an open house on Boxing Day. It's mostly family and close friends of theirs. For the past two years now, Mark and I have been able to go. The faces are now familiar although the names don't come to me quickly. The nice thing about this party is the timing. It doesn't get going until quite late in the afternoon so, even though it's an hour and a bit drive from here, we don't have to get up and out of the house super early.

We had a nice dinner, lots of yummy snacks, some good visits with folks I only really seem to see once a year anymore. My godparents where there, I saw some cousins I hadn't seen since last year on Boxing Day. It was fun. We sort of ate and ran though. We thought that we were going to be eating around 5 but it was closer to 7 when we sat down to dinner. Because we still had an hour drive home, we sort of dashed out after dessert. I felt kind of bad about that but, turns out that my parents left not long after we did.

Even though I'm not working this week, Mark is so we're still on our usual routine of getting up early. It's been good though, I've been using the time to get my baking and stuff done. Today was the first day that I didn't have to do anything or be anywhere. I've been enjoying being a bit lazy.

This morning, I watched a movie and this afternoon, I grabbed a little nap. It's weird but good. I feel a little guilty about it, because Mark's still having to work but, I'm sure I'll get over it!

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