Wednesday, December 07, 2005


How is it possible that I've not posted in almost a week? I suppose, it's possible because we've been really busy. So, the emails go un-answered, the bills pile up, waiting for the weekend to get paid, stuff just seems to swirl around us these days.

The weekend was very productive as far as the house goes. Mark got some jobs done that have been on his "to do" list for a while. I pulled out the indoors holiday decorations so the inside of the house is starting to look as festive as the outside. It's all a little tacky but it's fun. I put the tree up on Sunday, added the lights but didn't get the decorations on it until Monday night. It's looking very disco-y (with actual disco-ball ornaments). When my camera is working again, I'll take some pictures.

The camera has become a bit of a pain in my bum. On Sunday, after shoveling the snow and putting up some lights on one of our trees outside, I wanted to take a few snaps of the front of the house while the sun was still shining. Sadly, my battery had died (even though I had just taken the camera off of the charger). My camera is pretty "old" by today's standards. I have a Kodak DX3600 (2.2 mega pixels) which I purchased in June 2002. It's been a great camera, easy to use and, I think, capable of some really neat stuff. It's also able to make quick time videos which I also like. The only issue I have ever had with this camera is the batteries. I bought the docking station which allows you (via USB) to upload your pictures and it charges the batteries at the same time. We think that there is some kind of electrical flaw in the docking thing that is mucking with the batteries. I have been unable to find replacement batteries locally but lucked out on eBay tonight. I found a couple of guys who are selling chargers and batteries at really reasonable prices so I've ordered a charger (with a car adapter) and a few batteries. I think that if I can charge the batteries outside of the docking station, that should solve my problem. I really like this camera and would hate to have to replace it just because of battery issues!

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