Monday, December 19, 2005

the sickness, it's in the house

the sickness, it's in the house

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If you ever receive an invitation to eat a meal in a nursing home, in the winter, do yourself a favour and say no.

I must say, the meal itself was really lovely. We went to the long-term care facility where Joe now lives for their annual holiday buffet. They do these things on Thanksgiving and Easter too. The residents must purchase tickets for their respective family members and the catering staff go all out. The food was really quite good, we sat with another family at our table and had a terrific visit. Joe didn't seem to be as zippy as usual but other than that, the whole thing was fine.

As you can expect, by the time the meal was over, the room was quite warm and Mark and I were both feeling a little over-heated. Later on the in the day, both of us felt a little off. I chaulked the stiffness in my knees and legs up to too much time spent sitting on the living room floor, wrapping gifts for Mark's co-workers.

When we woke up this morning, we both felt kind of yucky. Mark felt much worse than I did, he could barely stand up straight. He got right back into bed, onto the heating pad and under the covers. I checked on him about an hour ago and he was burning up. I'm feeling a little better but am seriously considering taking a nap, very soon.

Hopefully, whatever we have, is fleeting and, if we're lucky, Joe won't have it. Merry Christmas huh??

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