Wednesday, November 30, 2005

where's the sun?

innisfil sunflowers
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Last night, after work, it was dark when Mark picked me up and pouring rain. We had a bunch of stuff to drop off at his dad's place and a whole slew of errands to do. Being sick on the weekend really messed up the progress we were making on our "to do" list. We left Joe's at 5:10 p.m. (or so) and didn't pull in the driveway until 7:55 p.m. That's a long day for us (given that we go to bed at 9!). We were both pretty soggy when we got in, soggy and tired. Tired but a little keyed up. Keyed up just enough to not feel like getting ready to sleep. Eventually we did, of course. It was late though and I tossed and turned a lot in the night.

Tonight I should sleep better, we have fewer errands to do tonight. One thing we do have to do, is bring in our bubble snowman / santa thing. I think we're going to take it back to the store. The plastic bubble part of it doesn't seem to be able to tolerate the cold Canadian winter weather. Given that we live in Canada and have cold, winter weather, this is not a good thing. As cute as it was, it's no good to us if it falls apart.

I needed to see some sun today. When there's no sun, one must make the best of it and "settle" for sunflowers.

It's dark down here in the basement. It's dark outside too so I don't know that being in the basement makes it any worse or better. We have light coloured paint on our office walls, full spectrum light bulbs in the fixtures, holiday decorations all over the place (including sparkle lights) but it still seems dark today. At least when we had a little snow on the ground, cloudy days were still bright.

"Get used to it" is, I suppose, something I should do but yanno, I just plain old don't feel like it!!

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