Friday, December 30, 2005

keep your eye on the fish

even more fish photos
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Our handy-person, Pat, showed up yesterday and he's been doing lots of stuff around the house.

Yesterday, he installed our new back steps. Today, he spent the morning working on the duct work in the basement and the back of our house is much warmer now than it was before. The fellow who lived here before us did a lot of slip-shod work on the ventilation system. Basically, he knew not what he was doing. Pat and Mark have rectified this and I can feel the difference already, and Pat's still only about 1/2 done.

It's going to make such a difference when get those January and February cold snaps. I'm sure we'll see it too, in the summer, when the central air is on.

In other news, Joe's not been feeling that great the past few days. We're not quite sure what's wrong but we're waiting for some test results. I'm sure it's nothing serious but he's not been sleeping on a regular schedule and he's been a little mixed up over the past few days. We popped in to see him last night but he was out like a light so we didn't wake him up. I did grab the dirty clothes out of his hamper though. When I called him this morning, he was asking one of the nurses where his clothes were. Luckily, I could tell him that we had them. I was afraid that he'd be wondering about it, and he was. I think that this is a sign that he's on the mend though, because he was actually thinking about laundry! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll be back to his normal, crusty, self in a few days. It's no fun for anyone when he's feeling lousy.