Monday, December 26, 2005

tickets and coffee

tickets and coffee
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It's Boxing Day morning and we're not out in the stores. What a nice feeling!!!

I generally don't like to go shopping on Boxing Day but, more often than not, we find ourselves in the crush, looking for bargains. After close scrutiny of the pile of flyers which arrived here on Saturday, I realize that there are not any super sales going on. The prices seems no different than they were before December 25. The only thing that is different is that many folks got cash or gift cards for Christmas and they are burning a hole in their pockets.

Christmas was really nice. We had a quick visit in the morning with Mark's dad (he wasn't feeling well so he didn't join us for Christmas lunch at my mum's house). We then went to out to my parents' place for lunch. The meal was amazing, truly outstanding. It's always good but this was really super.

After we ate, we decided to exchange gifts. We were all way too full from lunch to even think about dessert! I got some really neat things. I suprised the heck out of Mark, which was fun. A while ago, I had ordered a copy of The Beatles in India for him. He knew about it but he had no idea that it was shipping before Christmas. I had it sent to my folks' house so he really had no clue. It's a beautiful book, I knew it would nice but truly, it's a gorgeous volume.

Last night, my brother stayed with us. He's heading home today. We just sat around and shot the shit, drank some beer, ate some chips and then topped it off by watching a Bill Hicks DVD. It was a fun way to end a really great Christmas.

Today, we're heading to Smiths Falls for a family function. My aunt is having her annual Boxing Day open house. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us.

Speaking of which, I should probably toddle off and start thinking about getting ready.

Happy Boxing Day kiddos!!

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