Monday, December 12, 2005

happy monday!

Okay, not happy? Busy? Yes, definitely. I'm working a shortened week this week (3.5 days). This is good because, hurray, holidays start on Thursday. It's bad though because I have a lot of little things that need to get sorted out before I go. I shouldn't even really be taking a lunch break at the moment but sometimes you just need to, right?? Those clementine oranges are not going to peel themselves!!

The weekend was nice for me, not so much for Mark. He was really sick on Saturday. He woke up on Friday morning with a migraine but worked through it. It caught up with him sometime early Saturday morning. Fortuantely, he's feeling better today but he was definitely under the weather on Saturday.

While he slept, I went out and did some purely selfish errands. One of things I did was get a long-overdue hair cut. I had grown enough to make another donation to "locks of love." I was surprised and didn't realize that my hair was that long again but I guess it was. Actually, I don't guess, I know because I have a pony tail at home that is slowly drying out.

Yesterday, it snowed almost the whole day. As you can see from the photo, the driveway was clean last night. We woke up this morning to a brand new blanket of snow so it's covered, again. Thankfully, our lovely neighbour across the street (who we have yet to formally meet), plowed out all of the heavy / wet / icy stuff from the bottom of the driveway. This made doing the rest of it fairly easy. Oh well, I'm not going to complain too loudly. Afterall, it's good exercise and I'd always rather have this cold wintery weather than the stinkin' hot stuff we get all summer, any day!!

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