Saturday, December 17, 2005

gettin' ready

cutie snowman
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I got a lot of stuff done yesterday, I was quite surprised actually. Usually, when I'm off for christmas vacation, I spend a good sized chunk of the first day off playing free cell. Yeah, that's right, free cell. I'll veg out in front of the computer, put some music on and play. It's sad but true.

Now, yesterday I did play a few games but I still got some stuff done too. Thursday night, Mark and were able to get almost everything we needed before the snow hit. We'll need to go for some groceries at some point in the week but that's about it.

It's a nice feeling and yet it's weird too. There is part of me that feels like I'm forgetting something, even though I know I'm not.

Tomorrow we are going to a holiday brunch at Joe's place. When he first told us about it, right after Thanksgiving, he was super excited. A couple of weeks ago though, he told us that the tickets sold out before he was able to get any so, we weren't going. As luck would have it (?), he called us on Wednesday and informed us that he'd been able to get two (I think that he was on some kind of cancellation / waiting list) so now we're going. It's a mid-day function so we'll have the afternoon off anyway. I hope to get the bulk of my wrapping done (not that I have a lot). We'll see I suppose. I also have a bit of decorating to finish up and the house needs a clean.

The really nice thing about having this week off is that I'll be able to take my time with all the stuff I need to do. And don't think I don't know how lucky I am, I know it, trust me!

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