Monday, January 19, 2004

Monday again, already. I’m tired today. I wasn’t tired this morning; probably because it was really cold in our office and I had keep moving or I’d have frozen in my chair. Now, it’s really toasty and roasty and warm and I’m yawning. Not good. I think that the feeling like crap stuff from the weekend is just catching up with me. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will sort me out.

We had more snow here on the weekend, not a huge amount but enough that Mark had to go out and shovel for a bit yesterday. I helped a very small amount because of my back injury deal. It was really nice all weekend actually, mild and balmy and only minus 10. Today it’s chilly and cold again, yuck!

Speaking of yuck, have you seen the Surreal Life? I was flicking around the other night and bopped into it. I wasn’t there too long as it was getting close to being past my bedtime but I was intrigued, Vanilla Ice, Ron Jeremy, Tammy Fae Baker, Erik Estrada, some chick from Baywatch and another from some MTV show were going to be living together in a house. Reality TV is just getting dumber and dumber. I am not a fan of “reality TV” in general. I’ve never watched Survivor or Big Brother or Fear Factor and I definitely don’t think I’ll be watching this. I really think that the folks who make up these programs have just given up. Surreal Life just looked a little too stupid to be any good. It’s shows like this that make me feel good about having a huge pile of unread books in my house. Perhaps it’s all just a ruse to make folks read again!

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