Sunday, January 25, 2004

I used to love Home Depot. I'm seriously beginning to hate the joint. Yesterday morning, bright and squirrelly, we bundled up and went out to do errands. As I mentioned earlier, we're going to do some painting, mostly the kitchen cabinets and, as always, we're sorting out closets and moving things around a bit. So, we go to Home Depot and the place is a shambles. I needed to pick up a set of casters but the casters aisle was missing-in-action (part of the reno they are doing). When we finally locate the casters, I realize I have to use the loo. Now, this is Home Depot, a place where (usually) I see way more men than I do women. Whenever I have used the loo at le depot, it's always super clean because you just know that women are very rarely ever in the place. Yesterday, at 8:30 a.m., the ladies loo is being closed for cleaning. I couldn't believe it...and this cleaner dude just stared at me and kept pointing at the "not in service" sign while yelling, "one minute, one minute." One minute my ass. So we head the checkout with three small items that took us 30 minutes to find in the mess of the store and there are five people in the line up in front of us. Prior to getting to the front of the store, there were tonnes of helpful folks in orange smocks standing around talking to one another, drinking coffee. I guess none of them knows how to work a cash though because they had only one cashier on. We were so pissed that we almost left our stuff in a pile and sent over to the brand new sparkly (and not a mess) Rona store but it was in the opposite direction of where were going next so I just sucked it up. I have decided though, that I will not buy my paint at Home Depot (like I usually do). I'm so disgusted with the mess of the store and the poor service that we'll stick to Rona. I would have thought that Home Depot would be tripping over themselves to compete now that the Rona store is open. Guess I thought wrong.

Today's been freezing again. I can't even believe it. We've been getting some stuff done around the house though. I've done 7 loads of laundry and we've dissembled a bed (in the room Mark's dad will be moving into). We also got rid of a couple of small bookshelves. I was going to give them to goodwill but ended up giving them to a friend for her teenage daughter. I still have a tonne of stuff to give to goodwill, don't worry. It feels really good to be emptying that room. The sooner we do, the sooner we can get the bathroom floor finished and the carpet installed.

Fun stuff huh?? I tell ya, it's just a rock'n'roll, non-stop party around here, all weekend, every weekend!!

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