Thursday, January 01, 2004

I actually got something done today. I've been pretty lazy the past few days but the house just couldn't wait any longer. I did housework today, laundry, cleaning, chucking stuff out, the whole deal. It looks pretty good too. I'm kind of glad to see the Christmas stuff packed away. I threw a bunch of old holiday stuff out too, stuff I haven't used in ages that's just looking yucky. I managed to fill a whole garbage bag with crap. Yay!!

Finally getting rid of our clutter is one of my resolutions this year. I started to try to minimize our "stuff" in 2002. 2003 was a really successful year in terms of getting rid of junk. Mark did a huge clean out on our shed, I finally got our books unpacked and sorted out and I can't even count how many trips to goodwill we made. The stuff we got rid of, for the most part, is totally fine we just don't need it. We're just two people, in a tiny house and quite frankly, if something has been packed away in boxes for four years and we've not had to go looking for it, we probably don't need to hang on to it.

In the spring, I'm pretty sure that Mark's dad is going to move in with us and the only thing I have left to do in the room he'd be moving into is clean out the closet. I may even tackle that this weekend. It shouldn't be too bad actually. On Monday, I'll probably do another run to goodwill, I have a set of end tables, two small bookcases and some books to go over there. By the time I've done the closet, I'll probably have more. My goal is to have all three bedroom closets sorted out by the end of this month. In February, I plan to start sorting out the boxes that we have left in our office / computer room. Our house doesn't have a basement so we use the computer room for storage. I've been able to organize it a lot better than it was last year (stuff is actually on a shelving unit rather than just being piled floor to ceiling) but I'd like to get a bunch of those clear plastic bins so we could actually see what's what...and, who knows...Maybe even label stuff. I know that probably sounds really anal but I really want to get organized and, by the end of 2004, I will be!!

Anyway, World Idol is starting so I must dash. I haven't geeked out yet and read who the winner is on the chat boards. I'm pretty sure that it won't be our Ryan but as long as it's not that skank, Kelly Clarkson, I'll be happy!! 'night all!!

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