Thursday, May 15, 2003

Yesterday was a totally busy day and I never even thought about posting here. I wasn't doing anything overly exciting, just errands and work and stuff. The day just flew by anyway.

Here's the 3 For Thursday:

Fun and Sun

1. What are 3 things you're looking forward to this summer?
- hanging out in my backyard
- taking some time off from work
- ditching my sweaters and wearing my fun summer clothes

2. What are 3 things you're not looking forward to?
- the heat and humidity that we experienced last summer (I'm hoping it'll be much nicer this year)
- mosquitos. I must say that the West Nile threat is a little scary
- neighbourhood kids playing basketball next door all summer (they're sweet kids but really noisy)

3. What are your 3 top vacation spots you'd like to visit?
- I'd love to go back to the Maritimes and see Nova Scotia this time
- I've never been to Las Vegas but would love to
- I really want to go to England and Ireland, rent a car, and spend a month touring the countryside

BONUS: Will you be taking a vacation this year? If so where?
We're not planning to go away this year. Last year we visited New Brunswick and PEI. This year, we're going to do some things around the house instead of having a trip away.

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