Saturday, May 03, 2003

I used to be I'm a little disgusted...

Maybe "disgusted" is a little strong...nauseous? mmm...not quite perfect. Shocked and saddened? Yeah! That works.

How can one of my heroes be engaged to Diana Krall? Elvis? What the hell are you thinking? I still can't believe that he and Cait O'Riordan split up. I must admit, I do have a couple of Diana Krall discs in my collection. I didn't purchase them but I have listened to them. I used to enjoy her "lite" jazz stylings but I find her boring now. She's not what I would call evolved, musically. She's found something that she can do which is popular, acceptable, non-offensive...stuff the folks can enjoy...and she's sticking with it. Not pushing the envelope, not really growing. I was disgusted by the television ads she appeared in last year. She seemed to be whoring herself a smidgen. I mean, her being in ad was not the same as Hank Rollins being an ad so that he can fund his publishing company with the proceeds. Hank's cool, Diana is bland...and how can Elvis, in his dreamy geekiness, be with someone as seemingly boring and uninspired as Diana Krall? My mum would say "she must have hidden talents" at a time like this ~shiver~ ...that's just not something I'd like to think about.

This is possibly the worst pairing I've heard of since Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts (wasn't he totally too good for her skanky ass?)!!
my hero
Oh Elvis, how could you?

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