Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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Today is my last day in the office until July 7th. I'm taking next week off for vacation (because of Canada day, I can take a whole week but only use 3 vacation days) but I'm out of the office doing professional development stuff tomorrow and Friday.

I'm happy for the opportunity but I feel a little pushed for time, being away for two days before my mini-break. I shall survive though, worry not.

Last night was obedience class #2 for the three of us. Last night, the lesson was taught by the female instructor at the centre (it's a husband and wife team). He husband met with us last week but I think I liked her more (they are both awesome though). I really like her technique and general approach to things.

I think I learned more last night than Sam did. I was holding his leash wrong for one thing and I'm not very good at hand signals. I know I'll get into the swing of it eventually but so far, it's not coming to me naturally. Sam was totally stubborn with the down command. He would not do it. We practically had to stand on his collar to get him to do it. Of course, this morning, on first try, he does it for Mark. Last night though, he would not let the instructor see him do it. Weiner.

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