Friday, June 06, 2008

happy donut day

breakfast at krispy kreme
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did you know that the first friday of June is Donut Day?

I did not know this until I woke up this morning. A bagel for breakfast might be better for me than a donut and they are the same shape basically so hopefully that'll be okay!

We had a crazy storm here last night. The weather got super humid and we had the turn the air conditioning on in the house. I shouldn't complain because except for a couple of hours, a month or so ago, we've not had to run it. I don't know if the weather had anything to do with it but Mark had a mega migraine yesterday too. It was a really bad one and it hit him very quickly. The whole thing was kind of scary actually.

This morning, because of the rain I think, my allergies are really bananas. Fortunately, aside from one small work project I need to get done today, and a couple of errands which I'll get at later this morning, I don't need to do much today. I have today off as a lieu day for some overtime I worked a couple of weeks ago. I have also made Mark stay home today, after yesterday, I want him to rest up and not be out driving around with the crazy people if there is a chance he might have another headache like yesterday.

So yeah, long weekend and it's finally hot outside. Whoot!!

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