Friday, June 06, 2008

purple petunia

purple petunia
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The heat is here! It was muggy as all get out again today so I guess we're officially through with our cold snap for a while anyway.

I forgot how oppressive that hot heavy air can be. Mark and I went out and did some errands in the late part of the morning and by the time we were done, I couldn't wait to get home.

We set up Sam's little swimming pool in the back yard this afternoon. We gave our larger pool away to a friend who has 3 young children. As much as we enjoyed the pool, it did take a up a lot of room in our yard and since we put the gazebo in, well it didn't really fit. Also, we want Sam to have room to run around and that larger pool didn't really accommodate that. His pool is a decent size. I stood in it and tried to get him into it. He'd stand in it if I lifted him in (and he really liked it's "world's largest water bowl" properties) but he wouldn't stay in it. Maybe it was too cold for him.

Either way, I'm sure he'll get used to it and will enjoy it over the weekend. I will say this, as much I may complain about the humidity, I'll not complain about the hot temperatures because goodness only knows, it's been a very long time coming!!

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