Sunday, June 22, 2008

at the canine centre

at the canine centre
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This morning when I woke up, I was feeling kind of shitty. Fortunately, on Thursday and Friday evenings, I'd done my weekend chores. Yesterday, we'd done some errands so today, I really didn't have to go too far so, me and my feeling shitty, parked it on the sofa.

I love CBS Sunday morning so I had DVR'd it. I was about a third of the way into the show when I heard a loud click and the picture on our tv disappeared. No matter what we did, we couldn't get the television to turn back on.

In a way, I wasn't too worried about it, we've had it less than 6 months. I called Samsung for advice. The girl I spoke with gave me the number for a service depot here in town. The number was not correct so I called Costco (where we bought it). On their message, they said that they would take returns with the original packaging and a receipt. Fortunately, we had both so we packed it up and, with help from our friend Andy, took it back to the store.

We actually had no problem returning it, despite the fact that they normally don't take tv's back after 90 days (who knew?). They gave us our money back and we went back into the store and bought a new tv, plus a new hdmi dvd player for the same price. They had the same tv we had before, still on sale (a 42" samsung). For $200 less than what we paid in December, we got a 50" tv and it seems okay so far. It's a second tier brand of television but it seems to be working very well.

When I woke this morning, I had no intention of leaving the house, much less buying a new television but it just goes to show you that you never ever can tell where the day may lead you.

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