Monday, June 16, 2008


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I fear that my garden may whither if we don't get some rain. Now, I have been watering it, when I need to (absolutely need to). Everyday, for at least the past week, we've been told by the lovely folks at Environment Canada that it's going to rain. When I hear that, I hold off on the watering because, yanno, free water from the rain. Then I get home, it's not rained and everything is wilty. Not fun.

What is fun, however, is walking with Sam. Tonight we took him for a little walk before dinner. We ran into a friend of ours, Gary. Gary was in his car and Sam went ballistic while we were talking to him. A few weeks ago, the weekend after Sam's surgery, Gary came over and the same thing happened. Maybe in a previous life, Gary was a dog hunter or something. Gary is the sweetest guy, a total animal lover and yet, something sparks Sam when he sees him.

Now, on the other hand, we also stopped at our neighbour's house, across the street. This is our awesome snow blowing, lawn mower fixing, generally amazing neighbour, Tommy's home. Sam literally rolled over and let Tommy rub his tummy as soon as he met him. It was bizarre because usually, Sam barks at men he doesn't know. Maybe Tommy was a dog in another life! Either way, it was fun to explore the neighbourhood a little bit with Sam. I have discovered that you learn quickly, which houses have dogs in them when you walk by with your dog. There are far more dogs in our neighbourhood than either of us realized.

Tomorrow is lesson one of obedience school. Should be fun too!

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