Saturday, June 14, 2008

mark in the park

mark in the park
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Can't say that too much of any importance is happening in these parts just recently.

I survived the great asbestos removal of 2008. My colleagues and I were in meetings (offsite) on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Mid-afternoon on Thursday, I went home to do a couple of things and then yesterday, we were back in the office again. Our database server was down all week so that made doing huge parts of our jobs impossible. I suspect that it'll be very busy for the first half of next week while we catch up (if things are back up and running on Monday).

Today was a lovely lazy-ish day. We didn't really sleep in (we never did really and now that we have Sam, he definitely doesn't let us). We did have a mid-morning nap though, all three of us. It was really nice. This afternoon we did some errands and I've been doing laundry. Not anything crazy exciting, is it?

Earlier we were sitting outside, enjoying a pair of new chairs we purchased at Costco when our neighbour's party got a little noisy. This is an annual party (not a weekly party) so we don't mind it. I wouldn't even mention it if they played music that I like but they don't. They also smoke cigarettes, the smell of which makes me sick (literally) so it drove us in the house. Just the way the breeze was blowing, it was going straight up my nose.

So yeah, that's it. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. We have a lot of stuff to do in the garden, mowing, weeding, planting some stuff, de-pooping, that kind of stuff.

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