Monday, June 02, 2008

where do you think the fish are now?

This morning I put on capris to wear to work. I had them on for about two minutes when I realized that I was just fooling myself. I put the long pants on and went to work.

While I have been moaning that it's unseasonably cold this spring, Mark smartly reminded me that the lake actually froze this winter and that it's taking a while to warm up - hence, the cold spring.

It was so cold and gloomy yesterday that we did not go to the lake as we'd planned. I was pretty disappointed but it would have made for an uncomfortable afternoon if we'd gone.

Instead, we stayed home and vegged out. If you are a pack rat at all, you should watch the film we saw yesterday, " Seven Dumpsters and a Corpse." The film tells the story of the filmmaker and his brother has they pack up their mother's flat after her death. It's pretty gross in parts (the mother died in the flat and the beginning part of the film was devoted to the cleaning up of the room where her decomposing body had been) but worth watching for the way it exposes the effects of compulsive hoarding. Watching it definitely made me want to go into our basement and start sorting out boxes.

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