Monday, June 02, 2008


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One of the better things we've purchased lately was a giant herb planter. Because of the deck / gazebo in the backyard, Mark had to give up his little vegetable patch this summer. To compensate, I picked up a planter with about 6 herbs in it. The herb plants were large so have been using them already.

Grilled veggies with freshly picked herbs are just too delicious folks. Yesterday, Mark made us a "big" breakfast and he made home fries with fresh thyme and rosemary and they were out of this world. It was a huge deal, this planter, I'm so glad we got it!

I was saddened to learn today that Bo Diddley had passed away. Someone said to me, "well he must have been pretty old" when I expressed my shock and sadness. I guess I'm just a sentimental fool because when these "old guys" start dying, the musicians who paved the way for so much of what we love today, it makes me sad.

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