Wednesday, June 04, 2008

got tickets?

got tickets?
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I have been looking forward to seeing the SATC movie since I first heard about it, oh gosh, I have no idea how long ago.

I would have preferred to have gone on the weekend but we have organized a group of ladies from work to get together and go so tonight ended up being the night to go. We are such smarties, my partner in crime even made us a facebook page and I posted a notice on our office intranet. I am sure that our bosses think that it's a little silly but c'mon, it's Carrie and the ladies!!

On Monday night, I picked up a pair of tickets, just in case, for the show tonight.

Mark should have a quiet evening with me out with the girls. Sam should even be tuckered out because he's at doggie day care today. It's the first time he's gone and I hope he enjoys it. If it all goes well, we may put him in for one day a week. It's a good way to socialize him with other dogs and it'll break the week up for him. It seemed a little silly at first but I think it'll be good for him.

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