Sunday, June 01, 2008

moving around

new furniture
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I think we are actually going to get up north to a friend's place today. We have plans to drive up to their cabin (yes, they live in a gorgeous log cabin) for lunch. Yesterday, we had massive amounts of rain and I didn't think we'd actually be going today but it seems clear (albeit a little damp) today.

We got some special tick medicine for Sam. It's like his flea stuff so we'll put it on him in a little while and he'll be safe from any ticks which might be on deer or bear in the area.

I'm really looking forward to getting up there again. It's a place I used to visit during the summer a lot when I was a single girl. It's been a good long while since Mark and I have been up there and we want to let Sam have a run around the woods with Bella (the dog we dogsat over the winter) and maybe enjoy a splash in the lake too.

In the meantime, Mark is making us breakfast and it smells amazing so I think I'm going to grab a coffee and start my morning. yum!

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