Tuesday, June 10, 2008


lake ontario
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my eyes and my jaw hurt right now. after days of waiting, I think that we are finally going to get the thunderstorm that everyone else has been getting. the weird pressure is really messing with my head right now.

A couple of news items to distract myself from my headache:

1. Hockey Night in Canada - can you believe all of the hullabaloo about this. I love that Stompin' Tom has offered up "the Hockey Song" to them. I think that the CBC should scrap the contest and give Tom the $100K prize money. He deserves it!!

2. Hate Crimes - I was disgusted to learn that I live in the city with the second highest rate of hate crimes in the country.

3. How do you solve a problem like slumping ratings - if you like the Sound of Music (and who doesn't!?) and you like to watch tv singing contests, this just may be for you. I know I'll be watching!!

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