Sunday, December 16, 2007

so long chocolate

on the mend
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Our little chocolate oranda died last night. she's been really sick for a while (she caught part of whatever it was that killed Roger) but had been making some improvement since we moved her into the hospital tank.

Chocolate was a weird little fish. When we brought her home she was brown. She later turned gold then orange and then white. We kind of think she had some kind of brain tumor because she got this strange growth on her head over the past couple of weeks. It didn't seem to bother her until yesterday. She didn't move around a whole lot and at dinner time last night, she didn't eat (not like Chocolate at all!). On our way to bed last night we noticed that she was dead. I don't think that she'd been dead for very long though.

I'm pretty sure that orandas are supposed to live longer than 2.5 years but she was a little bit strange so who knows. We never know how old the fish are when we bring them home. She was a really cute fish and we'll miss her a lot but I'm glad that she's not suffering anymore.

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