Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Flaming Dodge

Flaming Dodge
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My mum took this picture earlier today.

Her neighbour's truck caught fire. It looks like it started where the blade meets the truck. Must have been an electrical short in the motor for the hydraulic lift do-flicky or where it connects to the truck. Either way, he was a lucky man. Had it been parked in the driveway, given the looks of the intensity of it, my parent's home and his home would have likely caught fire too. Thank goodness the firehall is just around the corner from their home!

In not so exciting news, I got tonnes done around the house today. I got a good chunk of major cleaning done (gross but yay!), laundry finished and I made 400 melty pretzel treat things. Tomorrow I'm gonna finish up the cleaning .

Mark had a weird day. He had a call to take a student from the campus down to the Watertown airport. On the way back, he stopped off for gas. Unfortunately, the spot he was attempting to go to was closed and the whole side ride was icy. He slid in the cab along the sideroad, to a very dangerous spot on the edge of a 20 foot drop off "landscaping feature." Mark waited 2 hours for a tow and was pulled out very easily. Fortunately, there was no damage to his vehicle and he was home shortly after. He was pretty cold and sore though.

Boy, I'm really glad that everyone is safe tonight. It's funny how easily it could have been otherwise.

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