Saturday, December 15, 2007

another sunny day

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the storm we have been watching out for has not yet come to pass. I'm not unhappy about that, it's good to wake up and not have to think about shovelling snow!

Today I'm trying to get stuff organized. I am making up lists and am attempting to plot out the next few days. I'd like to much of my "work" around the house done as quickly as possible and free myself up for next week. We have some plans made with friends and it would be nice if I could just go about my days having a good time instead of thinking about how I haven't scrubbed the bathrooms yet or about a stack of stuff that needs to be wrapped.

Having 10 days off before Christmas is absolutely decadent, I know it and I love it. I've done this for last 3 years now and can't imagine not doing it, I'm spoiled, what can I say!?

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