Friday, December 14, 2007

watching the weather

I'm completely brain dead right now. Well, maybe partially brain dead. At the moment, I can still type so I can't be that bad, right?

Today was my last official day in the office at my current job. Technically, I'm still employed there until January 4 but I have a bunch of vacation days left over so I'm all done now. I start my new job on January 7. I think I still need to go back into the office over the weekend though. I got all of my "stuff" and schlepped it home with me but I want to double check the computer and make sure that I got all of my files off.

The stuff I needed to get done today took me much longer than I thought it would. I ended up working kind of late and feeling a bit rushed on the way out. If I could go back for like an hour over the weekend, I think I'd feel much better and I'll leave my keys there so I won't be tempted to go back in over the holidays!

After work, we had to do some errands. Holy crap but it took a long time. We didn't even go to places that were all that busy, we were just moving kind of slow I guess so it seemed to take forever. We didn't get home until after 8 p.m. After we arrived at home, we saw that there is a big ass storm warning on for tonight. I'm really glad that we just bit the bullet and stayed out and got it done. I don't want to have to out tomorrow if we end up with a bunch of snow.

I think it's going to take a couple of days for me to chill out and get into my vacation. I've been dreaming about work the past few nights and that's not good. I want not to think about the office right now. I'd rather concentrate on getting ready for christmas and just having fun. Doesn't that sound like a good idea?

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