Friday, December 21, 2007

road block

road block
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On our way home last night, the police had the street closed off. Not our street, but Concession Street. Not sure what was happening, most likely a little fender bender. Traffic was really backed up and everyone was a little pissy about it. Settle down folks, it's just a small delay, the world will not end if you have to go around the block en route to where ever it is you're going!!

This week while I've been off, I've stayed on our regular schedule because Mark's working and there are holiday things to get done.

So far today I've done some laundry and am about half-way through my first batch of cookies. I would like to get three batches done today. The chewy toffee cookies are in the oven right now and the house is smelling pretty good. Mark baked mondel bread last night and he made some nut brittle. The brittle didn't harden over night like he'd hoped but I think it just needs a little more time. We are keeping one of our spare rooms closed off (I've been keeping my empty decoration boxes in there while the holiday stuff is up) to store our baking in. It's a nice cool room and I think if he leaves the brittle in there (it's in there now) for another 24 hours, it'll harden up. Candy is tough and it's something I've never mastered. I'll stick to my cookies if that's okay!

Speaking of which, I should run along because I think the timer is going to buzz at me any second.

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