Thursday, December 06, 2007

a little time

This afternoon, we our unit holiday luncheon thingy. It was also my "so long and thanks for all the fish" luncheon. I really don't like having a fuss made about me so I would have liked it to have been all about the holiday and not at all about me but, you don't usually get what you want in situations like this.

I was allowed to choose the restaurant and I picked a really nice, newish, Chinese buffet place near my house. I picked it for a few reasons 1 - there would literally be something for everyone 2 - it was inexpensive (we were picking up our own tabs) 3 - they had lots of parking and 4 - it was central to everything. The plan was that we had the rest of the day off to shop of whatever. I opted to whatever. A generous coworker dropped me off at home and I proceeded to get three loads of laundry done, some christmas gifts wrapped, a birthday gift assembled and 4 christmas gifts started (things I'm making). Not bad for just 2 extra hours huh?

Right now though, I'm dragging a bit. I have a nagging cough all day and I've been sneezing a little more than I would care to. I will not get sick though. I am not going to be sick this holiday season. no way, no how, not this girl!

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