Monday, May 28, 2007

stuck in a trap

construction meets convocation
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so this morning, I had to walk across campus to a training session.

if any of you spend anytime around campus, you will have noticed the massive amount of construction which is happening. I'm all about the construction, it's a good thing. change is good, the improvements are going to be fabulous! it's actually really exciting.

getting trapped inside the construction zone however, is not exciting.

I was walking between Ontario Hall and Grant Hall and saw that there was an opening in the fencing. I expected to see a walk way (I needed to get to Mac-Corry). There was no exit opening though, I had to walk about a 1/2 block south, near big trucks which were moving stuff around, and other equipment - through the mud I might add - to find an opening.

It was a little scary.

It really makes me glad that on a normal day, I don't have to do this too many times. I think that most folks will be happy to hide out in their offices this summer. I know that it's going to beautiful when University Ave is all fixed up later on this summer, today though, it was just a bit on the frightening side.

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