Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mr. Robin

Mr. Robin
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The sunshine fills our backyard!!

Really, honest!!

This huge, horrible, tree branch, which was hanging into our yard from our neighbours, was removed today. The whole back yard is now full of sunshine. It'll make being in the pool this summer, so much nicer! Not to mention, we won't have all of those flicking seeds in the water, mucking up the filter.

Our yard is looking lovely. It's all weed free, neat and tidy. Our neighbour (not the ones with the branch) even tuned up our lawn mower today. It looks like brand new and it's running like a dream.

Have I mentioned before how much I love this neighbourhood?? Around here, folks actually help each other out, it's amazing. Such a switch from our old place, just around the corner. People actually talk to each other, amazing huh?

We literally moved around the corner, 2 stop signs away from our old house, but it's like a different planet. It's a good planet though, no mean aliens or anything, just friendly folks who watch out for each other.

who knew huh?

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