Monday, May 21, 2007

middle of nowhere

middle of nowhere
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We're back from the big city. We got back last night actually. It was a long day but we both felt really relieved when it was all over.

It felt good to do an unveiling for Joe because we'd promised him that we would. We were both a little surprised by how relieved we both were when it was over, I guess it had been bothering us a little more than we realized. Joe's twin, Nate, was there, as was Nate's family and a couple of Mark's friends.

Mark's friend, Jack, was supposed to do the formal part of it but (sadly) he had a funeral to go to. Another friend, Rick, stepped in at the last minute and helped us out. He did a terrific job with the actual prayers and stuff. I said a few words on behalf of Mark and I. Anyone who knows me can appreciate how tough that would be for me. There are few things I dislike more than getting up in front of folks and speaking. Add to that, talking about something as personal as a deceased family member and you just about imagine how shakey I was. I had written something out and intended to read from it but in the end, I just said the parts of it that I could remember. I worked a couple of laughs into it to break the sad mood a bit. People told me afterwards that they thought I did a good job. I think that they were just being polite because I cried through about half of it.

During the service part, both Mark and I kept one eye on the parking lot, watching for his asshole brother to show up. We hadn't told him when it was happening but we still were afraid he might be there (we had the unveiling the day before what would have been Joe's 82nd birthday). I think that getting through it without having to push his brother down and stomp on his toupee.

Afterwards, Mark's uncle took us all out for lunch. It was a really nice meal and we got to visit with Mark's cousins and their children. We hadn't seen them all winter, not since Joe's funeral. It was good to get caught up on family news with them, and to see Uncle Nate.

The rest of our day in Toronto was spent doing some errands and eventually ending up at the home of some friends who live down town and who have the most beautiful, bright 3 year old twin boys you'll ever meet. We're trying to convince them to come to Kingston for a little holiday in the summer. It didn't work last summer but I plan to be obnoxious about it this year.

So now, we're a little pooped. I think there is a nap in my immediate future. We'll get caught up eventually though. It's just incredibly nice to have all of that behind us finally.

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