Wednesday, May 30, 2007

free air

free air
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the best things in life truly are free, aren't they? air from the gas station for one thing, how can you beat that?

today was a little weird. we had our annual departmental retreat today and while it was fun, I wasn't feeling all that great so I had to actually stop in the middle of it all and chill out. at one point (we were building a Rube Goldberg machine) I had to leave the classroom and get some air. I think it was a combination of a weird stomach bug, warm weather, walking through construction breathing diesel fumes and the burning candles from our machines. not fun.

the rest of the day was interesting though. I did a session on mensa and took an abbreviated version of their test. I did pretty well too and may consider writing the actual test at some point. It was a lot of fun even though I wasn't feeling great, my brain was still functioning pretty well so that was encouraging!

tonight we're just chilling out. Mark's barbecuing us up something for dinner and then we're heading to bed. I don't care if it's only 7:30 when I get to bed, I needs to sleep folks!

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