Tuesday, May 29, 2007

it's good to have a friend like robin

my friend robin sent me this link today. how cool huh?? we're planning to be in the line on saturday morning. what a deal, I can't wait!! it'll be so much nicer to collect the rain water in a barrel than in the basement!

my week is toddling along. yesterday I was in a course all day learning the "principles of project management." it was an excellent course, the component on how to run better meetings alone was well worth being away from my desk all day for, seriously! tomorrow, unfortunately, I'm away again, all day. it's a professional development day for everyone in our area. I'd be telling a huge fib if I said that I was looking forward to it because I'm not. I'm more about obtaining actual skills and less about touchy feely stuff. I'm trying to give myself an attitude readjustment though, just out of respect for the amount of work my colleagues have put into the day. it's hard to create a program that will be fun or informative for 120 people. some of us will just need to suck it up I guess.

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