Wednesday, May 02, 2007

stop this car!

fun world - car ride
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Oh man, I've been groggy all day today. I can't shake it, my head is truly in the fog.

Poor Mark was really sick last night, he woke up feeling hung over from the meds he took for his head. Between his hung over feeling and my foggy head, we made a good pair.

Earlier this evening, we zipped through last night's AI show. I know that my stomach could not have tolerated watching that much Bon Jovi without being able to press the fast-forward button. They are seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel for "mentors" on that show. One thing that was particularly irritating was the appearance of Mr & Mrs Smirking Chimp at the end of it. Mark yelled, loudly, at the television when his face appeared on the screen. I couldn't help but think about how messed up his priorities are...he has time to do Idol but can't take the time to listen to reasonable people who would like to see an end to the war.


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