Tuesday, May 01, 2007


new barbecue
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Poor Mark, this weird weather system is doing bad things to his head. He's been on the edge of a migraine all afternoon. I think he's taking some drugs and hopefully that will make the pain go away. It's surprising too, after the nice weather we've had the past few days, that it's suddenly cold again. I say cold, it's not freezing or anything, just a few degrees lower than yesterday. I'm a wimp, what can I say!?

We've really been enjoying our new barbecue. It works soooooo much better than the old one. Cooking with the natural gas outside makes a massive difference over cooking with propane. I knew that our old barbecue was in bad shape but you don't realize how crappy something is until you replace it.

Speaking of replacing, we have this shed out in the back which I was planning on painting this year (I said I'd do it all last summer too but never did!). It has some paint on it only because the folks who lived here before us let their kids shoot it with paint ball guns. Mark was talking to our neighbour today and he's going to side it for us. The shed itself is structurally in good shape, it just needs the outside "prettied up" because it's ugly. Once it's all sided too, we shouldn't have another squirrel infestation like we did last winter. They are cute and all but boy can they make a mess!!

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