Monday, May 07, 2007

yay, Monday!

fun world - roller coaster
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The weekend just flew by. why does it do that?

Yesterday was half quiet, half busy. we slept in a little bit and then had a bunch of chores to look after all afternoon and into the evening. I didn't really feel overly rested at the end of the day, not like I think I should have, it being Sunday night and all.

Today, right now, for some odd reason, I am totally knotted up. My shoulders and neck. It feels like stress but I don't quite get why that would be. Work's busy but not insane. It's tiring though, and I can't easily move my head from side to side. weird huh??

Hopefully tomorrow it'll be okay. It should be, no, it will be. Yeah, right on. Positive thinking. sure!

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